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The right results

I was walking through O’Hare yesterday (got lucky and beat a big snow storm out of town) and saw the ad pictured here. The ad got my attention because it was about strategy meeting the real world. We focus on … Continue reading

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Marketing: Art or Science or neither?

Pundits, experts, academics, and others have written for decades about Marketing being an art and a science. Then comes the droning debate about which part is most important; how to have art/science balance (is that anything like work/life balance?); whether … Continue reading

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From cool to drone

How do users of  the hottest, coolest, edgy trend become tomorrow’s drones? When does your product position move from one the “cool kids” use to ones the drones use? We’ve seen this happen in fashion and in technology products to … Continue reading

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What are they really buying?

If you’ve heard me speak or read my book, The Secret To Selling More, you know that the core job of Marketing is to figure out What the customer is buying from your company they don’t believe they can buy … Continue reading

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Worst 2011 SuperBowl Ad

When I saw the ad my first thought was “what were they thinking?” You often wonder how such things can get approved. While I am familiar with Groupon, I have never used their service. Their Super Bowl ad has been … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2011 2nd Quarter Ad Review

The second quarter was not memorable for ads with a couple of exceptions. My favorite was the Motorola Xoom ad that smacked Apple in its 1984 face. And that makes no difference until we see how the product does. Dumb … Continue reading

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