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A 67 cent Customer Service Fail

This is so silly it’s almost unbelievable. My wife bought an item from a vendor on for $6.76. It was due to arrive on January 11. It didn’t. When I checked the tracking number from DHL (the vendor’s shipper … Continue reading

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Are Your Customers Buying On Price?

“There is nothing in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and he who considers price only is that man’s lawful prey.” I remember first seeing this quote by John Ruskin in … Continue reading

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How Much Is Marketing Really Worth To Your Company?

Well, there’s an often asked question. How do you answer it? We’ve seen and heard CMOs, VPs of Marketing, etc. scramble to create an answer to this question. Articles are written regularly on the importance of quantifying Marketing ROI and … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Selling Machine

I am not really supposed to use that term anymore according to my friend Ted. He used it back in the 1980s based on feedback and the use of the term ultimate selling machine by the CEO of Singapore Airlines, to describe Ted’s approach. … Continue reading

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Gaining Competitive Advantage With Your Business Model

As I have written about before, companies can gain advantage from their business model. Consider some popular examples: It starting as a bookstore and now is a global online “department store” that delivers. As competitors look to keep up, Amazon … Continue reading

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Why You Need To Be #1 or #2

GE has a mantra that they intend to be #1 or #2 in any market they serve, and if they can’t they will exit the market. In my first book on Marketing, It’s Not Rocket Science: Using Marketing to Build … Continue reading

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