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A survey of marketing performance

Our friends and partners at Vision Edge Marketing are conducting their annual Marketing Performance Metrics Survey and we recommend you participate. Participation takes only a few minutes and their are rewards plus you get to see the results of this … Continue reading

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Again with blaming sales

I got an email today for a sales seminar that started with a quote by Stephen Heiman, famous for Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling. While it was not one of their seminars, the quote was attributed to him. The quote: “Over 65% … Continue reading

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Getting it right matters

Several years ago I noted that buying a book from was much faster than buying the same book from or because the site was easier to use and faster. I have watched over the years as has added … Continue reading

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Is this a trend?

In a previous post, I discussed the Hyundai America plan to allow car buyers who were laid off within a year of buying their car to return it and have their loan balance cancelled with no ding to their credit … Continue reading

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Value still sells at any price

You’d think with the downturn in full stride and high-end brands and retailers suffering that people would be looking to save money any way they can. Well value still sells, no matter the price. My case in point today is … Continue reading

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It’s critical to get it exactly right

One of the issues in a down economy is the need to get those things you do exactly right. While it is still necessary to take risks in business, you can’t afford to be wrong too many times in this … Continue reading

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What’s with high end brands?

Unlike prior recessions, this one is really hitting the high end hard. Usually it’s the middle market products that get creamed as people move to the low end and the affluent stay with the high end, but this time something(s) … Continue reading

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And the purpose of your advertising is…?

We assume companies that advertise to create new customers want to make sure those new customers experience a product or service that is in keeping with the advertising so they become repeat and perhaps insistent (loyal) customers. Apparently Emirates Air thinks … Continue reading

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Comments on the Super Bowl Ads

Like most marketing “experts,” I comment on Super Bowl ads every year. This year is no exception. Things I noticed this year: There is no real consensus among pundits as to the “best” ad Most everyone feels that the ad … Continue reading

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