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Brick and Mortar Suicide Continues … Unabated

This topic is, unfortunately, a common theme for me (just do a search of the blog). It seems retailers have become so focused on getting better deals from their suppliers that they are forgetting that if they don’t actually sell … Continue reading

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Now, That’s How It’s Done

Last year I posted about Hertz’s campaign to get you to rent cars with Sirius XM radio when they can’t determine how to offer it consistently. That situation has not changed. They still promote it, and they still can’t be … Continue reading

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What Does Most Admired Really Mean?

There are any number of “most admired” lists published each year. Some are bogus, others seem to be legit. However, what do they tell us? Perhaps that even professionals who “vote” in such polls can be easily fooled. Three recent … Continue reading

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The Airbnb/Uber Model Comes to Beer … Kinda

A newish company, Tavour, in Seattle has created a service to offer unique, hard to find, not well-known, new to the market, etc. craft beers to people who do care, or should care. They search out unique beers they feel … Continue reading

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