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They Started It, And They Still Missed It

Pepsi recently announced the “return” of Diet Pepsi with aspartame. This caused a big to do on a recent conference call. Aspartame was removed from many diet drinks due to consumer concern about health issues. However, as Pepsi CEO, Indra … Continue reading

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How Do You Decide What To Do?

Much has changed since 2005 in terms of how marketers are expected to make decisions. We’ve gone from a gut feel and intuition driven process (mostly) to what is supposed to be a data-driven, fact-based decision process today. Marketers are … Continue reading

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Bigger Words = More Money

Most of us have probably heard the disparaging remark that lawyers are paid by the word. Turns out they are not the only ones. According to Stanford computational linguist, Dan Jurafsky, based on his analysis of restaurant menus, “The more … Continue reading

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Why does everyone forget how to do surveys?

The third-party survey company, doing a quality survey for my health care provider (doctor’s office), just caught me at a weak moment and I agreed to answer their questions.  20 minutes later, I’m off the phone.  What could possibly be … Continue reading

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Sex and the Executive Manager

There is an old saying that no one really knows who said first: “Every generation thinks that it has invented sex”.  In other words, everyone learns lessons as they go through life.  The flip side of that truth is that … Continue reading

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Tagless t-shirts and willfull ignorance

One of the greatest innovations, in my daily life at least, is the tagless t-shirt.  For decades every time I bought a new shirt or t-shirt, I took out a pair of scissors and cut the tag on the inside … Continue reading

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Human Intelligence and Forensic Sales Analysis

I’ve been buying products in retail stores now for…well, many decades.  In all of that time I’ve yet to have a store manager approach me and ask either “Why did you buy that product” or “Why did you put that … Continue reading

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