From cool to drone

How do users of  the hottest, coolest, edgy trend become tomorrow’s drones? When does your product position move from one the “cool kids” use to ones the drones use? We’ve seen this happen in fashion and in technology products to name just two. IBM was the cool kid, til Digital Equipment changed the rules. They were the cool kid till the PC displaced them. And Apple used their 1984 Super Bowl ad to suggest that PC users were drones, and the cool kids would use the Mac.

Microsoft helped us escape from the IBM stranglehold, only to be recaptured in a new one. Google is helping people be free of Microsoft, but are we becoming Google drones? And then, of course, there’s still Apple. Millions of Verizon Wireless subscribers bought their first iPhone 4 when it became available so they could now be one of the cool kids. But if everybody is using it, are you still a cool kid or are you now a drone?

The Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad suggested that Apple users were now drones in a great play on the Apple 1984 ad. But is that a delusional position Motorola hopes will be true, or do Apple users risk moving from the cool kid to a drone?

Maybe the epic words of Yogi Berra hold some insight. He is quoted as saying that “no one goes to that restaurant anymore because it is too crowded.”


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