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Misguided Competitive Advantage

Much is written on competitive advantage. The amazon.com website brings up 1000s of search results in the books section alone. My second book, The Secret To Selling More, discusses it, and my third book (along with Ralph Mroz), Value Acceleration, … Continue reading

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Which Is Best: Oil Or Water

How about neither? Tuna packed in oil or Tuna packed in water, which is better and how do they differentiate? Many now think water is best, but then if your product is packed in water, like all the others, how … Continue reading

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What are they really buying?

If you’ve heard me speak or read my book, The Secret To Selling More, you know that the core job of Marketing is to figure out What the customer is buying from your company they don’t believe they can buy … Continue reading

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Proof … and not just from me!

In my book, The Secret To Selling More, I stress the importance of knowing what customers can buy from your company they can’t buy elsewhere (or at least don’t think they can). I use examples of cars versus driving machines, … Continue reading

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Again with blaming sales

I got an email today for a sales seminar that started with a quote by Stephen Heiman, famous for Miller-Heiman Strategic Selling. While it was not one of their seminars, the quote was attributed to him. The quote: “Over 65% … Continue reading

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Distinction vs. Differentiation

I had an interesting discussion last week with an audience member who felt that differentiation was not what customers wanted to buy. We were discussing one of my favorite subjects, which is Marketing’s core responsibility for identifying what we call … Continue reading

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