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What outcome are you trying to produce?

A well written post on the Lean CEO blog recently looked at the propensity of airlines to pad their schedules. The writer notes that this is a classic “inventory” solution to ineffective processes and a failure to apply lean thinking correctly. I … Continue reading

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Is that really a guarantee?

Terminix is advertising, as they often do, however, their new ads offer a guarantee that states they will work to keep bugs out. Really? Never thought that is what they were up to. What kind of guarantee is that? Three decades … Continue reading

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Incremental sales should generate incremental profits

Above a breakeven point, adding customers and/or revenue even at a lower profit margin should result in increased profit to the bottom line. Once your so-called fixed costs are covered, as long as the marginal cost of serving the customer is … Continue reading

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A reminder that it’s not just a car

People who have heard me speak or read my book, It’s Not Rocket Science, know that I use cars to illustrate value propositions/differentiation. I was walking through O’Hare this week and saw this ad for BMW service. What struck me … Continue reading

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How much is a Brand worth?

The annual silliness called brand valuation surveys is out again with CoreBrand and BrandZ reporting their authoritative results. The fact that these two “authorities” come to vastly different conclusions simply reinforces my commentary from last year.  Nothing new to add other … Continue reading

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