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Do you need a mobile specific version of your website?

That is an interesting question. As more people access the web via mobile devices, is your website working in that environment? Or are your prospects and customers even wanting to access your site via a mobile device? If you don’t … Continue reading

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Death by PowerPoint

This PowerPoint slide made the front page of the New York Times today. Upon seeing the slide at a briefing, General McChrystal is alleged to have said, “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war.” I don’t believe … Continue reading

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Is Microsoft focused or delusional?

Maybe both? Anyway, Microsoft unveiled their new phones last week. The Kin One and the Kin Two. I have no idea what they were thinking about with the name, but I am not their target market. Realizing the smart phone … Continue reading

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Free markets or…

Fair warning, this post is likely to end up with some politics involved. Last week I posted about Spirit Airlines starting to charge for carry-on bags that go in the overhead bin. I pointed out that while controversial, this approach … Continue reading

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Deja vu all over again…

Domino’s Pizza recently acknowledged what too many of their customers having been telling them with their wallets: Their pizza sucks. Well, to beĀ  precise the comments were about the crust tasting like cardboard and the sauce like Ketchup. (Though I … Continue reading

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To bundle or unbundle: that is the question

Spirit Airlines announced yesterday they are going to charge for carry-on bags. Horrors, is nothing sacred? At first glance this approach might seem harsh. Or mercenary, or stupid. On further observation, maybe not. The goal of most air travelers is … Continue reading

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Find a need and fill it…

Many people teach the basic “marketing” or business tenet of “find a need and fill it.” Well, Bart Centre has done just that in a novel way. Bart has started a service called Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. What does this business … Continue reading

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Marketing 101: The “complete” product

One of the things you learn in basic marketing is the concept of a “complete” product. That is, making sure you can offer your customer all of the “things” they expect with a product such as yours. This might include … Continue reading

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