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What Is Customer Loyalty About?

Apparently the 12th Annual Accenture Customer Loyalty Survey found consumers/customers are less loyal today despite billions of dollars spent on loyalty by companies. How does that happen? Maybe because, as is often the case, most companies are spending on the … Continue reading

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How Is This Sign Helpful To Business?

I was visiting an ice cream store in Minneapolis (that’s one of my pastimes) and I walked by a store with this sign out front. Upon a quick look (the first pass), I assumed it was a junk store and … Continue reading

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Do Super Bowl Ads Work?

The answer of course depends what you mean by work. As with any activity, including marketing activities, you need to define an expected outcome before embarking on the activity, or how can you know if it was worthwhile. While we … Continue reading

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Super Disappointment

As earlier posts will show (just use the Super Bowl Ads category), I have become more and more disappointed in the Super Bowl ads each year. This year’s crop mostly sucked. Fortunately the game was epic. While a few of … Continue reading

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