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The Try Something Loop

Most companies use the “try something loop” when they have a shortfall in sales that needs to be addressed in the short-term. The try something loop consists of having a brainstorming meeting to come up with ideas to increase sales … Continue reading

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Marketing/Sales Misalignment Continues

I am constantly amused by the people who believe that solving the Marketing/Sales misalignment problem can be fixed by better defining what should be done by Marketing versus what Sales should do, and how that has changed over time. Who … Continue reading

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Daniel Pink is Wrong … At Least When It Comes to Professional Sales People

Much has been written over decades on how to compensate sales people to achieve optimal results. The answers are all over the map. Daniel Pink’s best seller, Drive, advocated for intrinsic rewards not extrinsic, such as incentive pay. Those who … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Selling Machine

I am not really supposed to use that term anymore according to my friend Ted. He used it back in the 1980s based on feedback and the use of the term ultimate selling machine by the CEO of Singapore Airlines, to describe Ted’s approach. … Continue reading

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Double-jointed Peanuts

Dish Network is running a radio ad for their service that suggests that just like peanuts, satellite TV is “all the same” so why pay more from another supplier when you can get it for less from Dish. While I … Continue reading

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Confusing Activity With Results

The advent of “marketing automation” seems to have really revved up the marketing communications/sales enablement teams in many companies. Unfortunately, as often happens with shiny new tools, people get carried away. This can be further compounded by the marketer’s (or … Continue reading

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Death Of A Sales(man)Person

The imminent demise of the sales person has been predicted for some time. And, as Mark Twain once wrote: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” U.S. companies spend almost $1T on sales people every year. That is about 3x … Continue reading

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The More Things Change…

My mom used to tell me that “back in her day” when she went shopping in a department store, the sales clerks brought you your clothes to try on in the dressing room, and if you needed a different size … Continue reading

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Cross-Selling Works

I was sitting in a locally owned fast food restaurant earlier this month and had the occasion to watch the counter-person at work. As each customer gave her their order, she would repeat it and then when they were finished, she … Continue reading

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The Power of Endorsements and Attention Grabbers

I was sitting in the new Ice Box “café” in Terminal A at the Dallas airport the other day working on my computer while eating a dessert (OK what’s new). I was reminded how powerful the attraction of something outrageous … Continue reading

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