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In ‘N Out vs McDonald’s

I have posted before about the differences between In ‘N Out and McDonald’s. Just last week one of the Principals in our company, Neil Reckon, noted a process example difference between the two companies I have seen but never thought about … Continue reading

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Some Major Retailers Really Don’t Get It

The difficulties major brick and mortar retailers are experiencing is not news. The stocks are being hammered, stores are closing, and I suspect it is crunch time in the C-Suites. Yet they still don’t get it. And the “it” is not … Continue reading

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And Again with a Title Change for the CMO

Almost 3 years ago I wrote about the Chief Revenue Officer phenomenon. Well seems it is still in style. Coca Cola just “retired” their CMO and will be replacing him with a “Chief Revenue Officer.” Is that a euphemism for … Continue reading

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Proving My Point About Airlines

The other day I posted about the root cause of the United Airlines disaster. In that post I wrote, “United is, unfortunately, not unique in the airline world with this culture.” And to prove my point, quickly, Delta (the most … Continue reading

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Make Doing the Wrong Thing Hard … Another Example

I posted on this topic last year for the first time. I found another great example recently. But first a reminder. To help prevent errors, a construct translated as “make doing  the wrong thing hard” has been around informally for … Continue reading

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