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Fake Web Traffic: Confusing Outputs with Outcomes

Since about 2005 when pressure began to mount on marketing professionals to prove accountability and ROI, marketers have looked to demonstrate value by measuring. This desire to measure has also caused “track-able” media, such as the web, to become preferred … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity?

While walking down Michigan Ave in Chicago, I came across Chuck’s Manufacturing. The intriguing name caused me to stop and take a look. It’s a restaurant. However, while the name is intriguing nothing helped me know more. They had a … Continue reading

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Why Is This True?

My friend Allen Hauge recently shared a quote that has been around for a while. The original source is not known, but it is nonetheless insightful: “People would rather live with a problem they cannot solve than accept a solution … Continue reading

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The Power of Endorsements and Attention Grabbers

I was sitting in the new Ice Box “cafĂ©” in Terminal A at the Dallas airport the other day working on my computer while eating a dessert (OK what’s new). I was reminded how powerful the attraction of something outrageous … Continue reading

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Rewarding Incompetence is Not Limited to Congress

Business people often comment on how the government rewards incompetence. Congress has a very low approval rating, yet its members keep getting re-elected. Well maybe this “disease” is not limited to government. According to a recent study by Towers Watson … Continue reading

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Seriously, This is Customer Care?

As regular readers know I fly a lot, so airlines can be popular foils for this blog. However, this latest adventure stunned even me. The short version of what happened is: My flight to Denver was late, but arrived 10 … Continue reading

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Effective advertising when you least expect it

This video speaks for itself.> Mitch

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The Absurd Power of Branding … or Not

Recently Stephen Colbert took aim a what he referred to as the absurd power of branding. In truth I believe he, as others do, has mistaken celebrity with branding. His particular rant was about Kanye West’s new clothing line with … Continue reading

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