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A 6-Step Plan For Increased Competitive Advantage

If you a running a competitive business these days, you already have world-class operations (if you didn’t, you’d be out of business or on the short path there to.) That is, you have already applied process technology and process management … Continue reading

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The Principles of Competitive Advantage

We believe you can understand competitive advantage, and how to achieve it (or cede it) in four simple statements: Competitive advantage goes to the risk takers … to those who pioneer new management techniques/approaches. That can include new processes, new … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2016 Ad Commentary

It’s my post after the Super Bowl, so like many, I will give my take. For those who are new to my blog, I rate Super Bowl ads on two scales: (1) Are they an effective ad, which I define … Continue reading

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Where Walmart Went Wrong

Since Walmart’s recent announcement that they were closing a bunch of stores, pundits have chimed in about what’s wrong. A recent article at entitled, “Walmart’s Outdated Management Style Is Failing Customers,” suggests there is something wrong with their ability … Continue reading

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Oh How Things Have Changed

There was a time in the not too distant past when Fed Ex was the gold standard for delivery reliability and customer service. Those days are gone and, as most customers likely have experienced, they “aren’t what they used to … Continue reading

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How To Effectively Organize Your Research Activities

Most organizations collect information about their environment in a multitude of places, and usually they are not coordinated. Further, often these research efforts are incomplete. Yet it is obvious that without information about your business environment, you can make no … Continue reading

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