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Perception Is Everything

United Airlines announced Economy Basic fares last week. What an utter disaster it’s been. The perception of most people appears to be that United is taking away even more services from the beleaguered coach traveler. Scrooge. The truth is far … Continue reading

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Misunderstanding Marketing

As we assume most readers know, Wells Fargo has received some justifiably bad press over the last few weeks as their abhorrent behavior regarding consumer accounts has come to life. Their CEO finally resigned over it. And now, it appears … Continue reading

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Bigger Words = More Money

Most of us have probably heard the disparaging remark that lawyers are paid by the word. Turns out they are not the only ones. According to Stanford computational linguist, Dan Jurafsky, based on his analysis of restaurant menus, “The more … Continue reading

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17 Ways to Be More Persuasive … Really

Many of you may be familiar with Robert Cialdini’s work on persuasion. If you are ready for more, well researched persuasion techniques, this article has 17 killer ideas. Mitch

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Afraid to speak up

Some cultures (ethnic and company) make speaking your mind difficult if not impossible. Too many bosses operate with the mind-set that when they want your opinion they will give it to you. Some cultures teach younger people to keep quiet … Continue reading

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Get to the point … now

In today’s ADD/distracted world you have to get to the point … quickly. Twitter gives you 144 characters and now Vine gives you six seconds of video. Unfortunately, most of these quick and easy broadcast platforms result in a lot … Continue reading

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Lucy, you got some ‘splainin’ to do…

An article last week in the NY Times noted that “electric cars [are] sparking little buyer interest.” The article noted that most consumers are misinformed about electric cars in two ways that are negatively impacting sales: Consumers are unaware that … Continue reading

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