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Is There Really Anything Wrong With Amazon’s Culture?

Following a widely read article in the New York Times purporting to show the true culture at, much has been written about how they need to change from┬átheir hard-driving, data driven culture. Poppy cock. Amazon, like many successful companies … Continue reading

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What Are They Thinking? Or Maybe They’re Actually Not

Today’s post ties to several recent posts. I have slammed brick and mortar stores for expediting their own demise; I have talked about confusing activity with results in marketing automation systems; and mentioned the raising of the bar by some … Continue reading

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And The Change Begins

Back in June I questioned the viability of the Uber business model in terms of “what’s in it for the driver,” and my belief that drivers would become scarce. Maybe I was on to something. At the end of July … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Rebranding Ever?

Well, at least as far as I can tell, this will rank as the top mistaken rebranding effort ever. The new CMO of Flextronics, Michael Mendenhall,┬áhas decided the company should rebrand itself as Flex. I do not care that he … Continue reading

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Double-jointed Peanuts

Dish Network is running a radio ad for their service that suggests that just like peanuts, satellite TV is “all the same” so why pay more from another supplier when you can get it for less from Dish. While I … Continue reading

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Confusing Activity With Results

The advent of “marketing automation” seems to have really revved up the marketing communications/sales enablement teams in many companies. Unfortunately, as often happens with shiny new tools, people get carried away. This can be further compounded by the marketer’s (or … Continue reading

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Meaningless Questions From Uninterested Employees

How often are you asked by a retail cashier if you “found everything ok?” Many are trained to ask this question. But do they care? If you’re like me, your usual answer to the question is “yes” or “sure” because … Continue reading

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