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The Problem With Process Management

When we first talk with people about applying process management, they often think rigid processes or bureaucracy. People also can show countless examples of process gone wrong. My friend Allan Hauge, Vistage Chair in St. Louis, tipped me off to … Continue reading

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Business fads gone amok

Business fads come and go. Driven by consultants and academics looking to sell the latest “it” thing I suspect. MBO, Re-engineering, 6-Sigma are just a few that come to mind. However, Kevan Hall, posits another one, with which I agree; … Continue reading

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Measure the leading, but not obvious, indicators

I was talking to a manager of a new Tractor Supply store recently.  Out of curiosity I asked her, “How many farms are there within driving distance?  I assume your company determined that before they decided to open this store.”  … Continue reading

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Critical success factors

Many planning frameworks (ours too) include the construct of critical success factors. Simply stated, critical success factors are those actions/factors which are necessary and sufficient to achieve the results anticipated by the plan. The key is necessary (do you really need to … Continue reading

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Marketing: Art or Science or neither?

Pundits, experts, academics, and others have written for decades about Marketing being an art and a science. Then comes the droning debate about which part is most important; how to have art/science balance (is that anything like work/life balance?); whether … Continue reading

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It’s not about the people, it’s about the process

As we teach in our Lean Marketing Workshops, lack of results is usually a failure of process not people. Deming reported that fact many years ago. We have been reading Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths, & Total Nonsense and found the … Continue reading

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