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Now P&G Reorganizes … Back to the 1950s

Several years ago we noted that the 1950s definition of Marketing was mostly in alignment with how we see Marketing; and that what has happened over the intervening years has in fact diminished the role of Marketing to one of … Continue reading

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Disruptive Innovation From Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced the biggest restructuring in their history (the metric is number of people laid off in this case). 18,000 people are going to lose their jobs as part of the Nokia merger. However, to me that was not … Continue reading

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We Dropped You From The List

That’s what they told my wife┬áthe other day after she waited all day long for AT&T to come out and fix a telephone problem we’re having. This despite having called them several times during the day to verify they were … Continue reading

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The CEO is the CMO

Back in January I posted briefly on the fact that the CEO is the defacto CMO in companies that do not have one. In truth, many CMOs are only responsible for the “communications” aspect of Marketing, and in those companies … Continue reading

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The Real Reason Sony Lost It’s Mojo

A┬árecent article in Business Week, “Sony Bets It Can Find The Next Big Thing,” discusses Sony’s poor results (six annual losses in seven years) and how they are still spending close to $5B in R&D to find the product(s) to … Continue reading

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Will This Reset Work Faster

J.C. Penney has decided upon a new strategy … again. I commend them for at least realizing that returning to their failed strategy was not viable. And, they have survived long enough to try one more thing. That was not … Continue reading

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The Product Return Guarantee

Back in the early 1990s when I worked with Enzymatic Therapy, we hit on the idea of offering a money back guarantee if people weren’t happy with the results they got from Enzymatic’s products. The idea was to get people … Continue reading

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