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What’s with PC Sales?

The February 2nd issue of Business Week has an article entitled “Why the PC Market Is Suddenly So Weak.” They note that IDC reported that PC unit sales were down 0.4% in the 4th Quarter of 2008. Further they project … Continue reading

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What do you mean by “lean?”

As you might expect, I get Google Alerts on the term Lean Marketing. Given that we have been focused on the application of business process management to marketing/sales for over 10 years, we have an interest in what others have … Continue reading

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Was I wrong, or just premature

I have been surprised that since January 21, the press has not put a more positive spin on the economy. (I did predict that on this blog and even noted that it had appeared to start even before the inauguration.) … Continue reading

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It’s about value not price, even in a downturn

I am reminded again that in any market customers look for value and that does not necessarily mean low price. (For more on my discussion of the miuse of the term “value priced” you can download a free white paper.) … Continue reading

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Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century

I spoke recently at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on Competitive Advantage in the 21st Century. You can listen to this presentation for free. (Scroll down to the link once you get to the page, though the other stuff … Continue reading

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Attitude matters

I’m waiting for the rental car bus at O’Hare (ORD) tonight and I notice that lots of cars are stopping in the rental car pick up area to pick up passengers even though they really aren’t supposed to do that there … Continue reading

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It’s about the process

The US Airways crash yesterday in the Hudson River (well, I guess it was really an unscheduled landing) is all over the news for obvious reasons. It’s truly amazing that no one was seriously hurt and that everyone survived. While … Continue reading

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And now it hits the PC business

The AP reported today that global PC shipments dropped for the first time in six years. Unlike other retail categories where unit volume was up but average selling price was down due to discounting, PC unit sales actually dropped in … Continue reading

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Somebody’s doing something right

Amid the doom and gloom in the auto sector, here comes Audi with record sales for the 13th year in a row.  While Audi is a niche player in the industry (sales above 1M units for the first time), it … Continue reading

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Insights from Al Ries

In the January 5, 2009 issue of Ad Age, Al Ries published an insightful article entitled “The Difference Between Building a Business and Building a Brand.” We agree with virtually all of Al’s points in his article (as we usually do). The … Continue reading

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