2011 Super Bowl Ads: the good, the bad and the ugly 1Q

Today, I’ll offer my viewpoint on the Super Bowl ads that aired in the first quarter of the game.

I felt the best ad of the quarter was the Kia Optima ad. It delivered on message and it used Super Bowl quality special effects. I felt the Audi A8 ad was well done and on message and not your typical car ad. The Chevy Volt ad was also good, though the Chevy Cruze ad made no sense to me unless their target market is old people.

I felt the Pepsi Max ads were both funny and delivered their message. I don’t get the Doritos message at all, and assume they are targeting teens with their message. Though I am not sure how many of them eat or care about Doritos.

And of course GoDaddy used their tried and true formula to drive traffic to their website. Other than the Doritos ad just mentioned, I felt the Bridgestone ad was not effective at all.

That’s my position.


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