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Language and negotiation

Occasionally we delve into politics in this blog, but not often. Today is one of those days because there are lessons, regardless of your political leanings. First the marketing lesson. The media and many of the politicians are using the … Continue reading

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Another example

If you follow me at all you know I am a strong believer that CEOs and CMOs spending time with customers is a key to business success. While I have not proven this to be the case, I have enough anecdotal evidence … Continue reading

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If you find the pain, so what?

My friend Sharon Drew Morgan has preached for many years that facilitating change is the crux of making a sale. She tells us it’s not about the pain. She’s right … and not. In her latest blog post, Your prospects aren’t … Continue reading

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Now that’s customer-centric

As airports renovate they are trying to find novel ways to offer added value for their traveler. San Jose Airport’s new Terminal B has seat power in many of the waiting area seats at the gate. No need to look around … Continue reading

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“The Lessons of Management” Kindle book now available

Over the years Mitch and I have figured out quite a few nuggets of management wisdom (I hope you’ll allow us to call it that).  We see and have seen the same issues at small, medium and large companies over … Continue reading

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Waste isn’t a useful strategy to maintain jobs

It appears that the U.S. is about ready to allow trucks originating in Mexico to deliver goods to any destination in the U.S. per the NAFTA agreement. This aspect of the NAFTA agreement has not been honored since its inception, … Continue reading

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All process improvement is not lean thinking

My friend Bob Caveney shared with me a story he had recently heard. It may be one you have heard before, but it got me thinking about lean and process improvement approaches and how they are applied by various companies. A guy … Continue reading

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Social media is a tactic not a strategy

What’s your social media strategy is the wrong question. The right question is whether and how to use social media tactics to help you grow. Companies grow from: Creating new customers Increasing share of customer or share of wallet Retaining more … Continue reading

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