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What’s Going Wrong Here?

Back in September of last year I posted about Quinn Emanuel and their willingness to help their prospective customers understand the value of working with the firm with what I thought was a great headline. Back then their claim was … Continue reading

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The Power of Focus

I have written several posts on the power of focus. (Just use the category tab on the right to find them.) My friend and professor David R. Palmer always said, “There is no company that cannot improve its results, by … Continue reading

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Process Observations on Cab Lines

Some airports in the US have long cab lines. Las Vegas and JFK come to mind. In Las Vegas the line exists simply because so many people fly in and need cabs that the capacity to fill them is the … Continue reading

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How Can You Call Yourself A CMO If This Is True?

The title of Chief Marketing Officer is controversial. Some who hold it think it is insufficient. Others who hold it are really just the Chief Marketing Communications Officer (CMCO). People who hold the position often state that the position gets … Continue reading

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Pricing for Profit

Substantial research and evidence exists to show that people are irrational about prices … and predictably irrational. Another study, this time in the hospitality industry, demonstrates this fact. Cornell University did a research study on menu pricing in restaurants. The¬†key … Continue reading

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