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Great Idea; Too Bad It Tastes Like Its Name

As people who know me know, I like candy. I especially like sour candy. I was therefore¬† quite attracted to the display of candy in the picture. Great packaging. Excellent potential secondary use. Outstanding come on for us sour candy … Continue reading

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Customer-Centricity Is More Than Promotional Hype

A lot is written about the importance of customer-centricity and customer experience. Research by Watermark Consulting shows that companies that provide better customer experience create a better total stock market return that the S&P 500 and customer experience laggards. Thus … Continue reading

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Branding Efforts Need To Propagate Across The Company

I was walking through the Indianapolis Airport recently and spotted the tail you see in the picture. For Gen X and Millennials this tail may not mean anything, but for Boomers and their parents, in California at least, this hits … Continue reading

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Let’s Blame Marketing For Lack of Sales … That’s Novel

Gap Stores reported lower sales in Q1 year over year. They blame it on a lack of “Marketing.” By this they actually mean marketing communications. That is lack of TV, promotions, etc. Lack of a Chief Marketing Communications Officer (well … Continue reading

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