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3 Rules for Making a Company Great

The Harvard Business Review publishes on a range of business topics, and while their content is often good, sometimes one wonders. This is one of those times. In the April 2013 issue they published an article, “3 Rules for Success,” … Continue reading

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When is a thank you not a thank you?

US Airways has been promoting their affinity credit card recently. At the end of each flight they provide the opportunity to apply for the card. The script is reasonably good so the flight attendants, who I assume mostly do not … Continue reading

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Is your messaging credible?

I took this picture in the Denver airport the other day. It’s part of the signage for an “upscale” bar with food, lounge 5280. The signage looked very impressive until I got to the bottom when it lost all credibility … Continue reading

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Afraid to speak up

Some cultures (ethnic and company) make speaking your mind difficult if not impossible. Too many bosses operate with the mind-set that when they want your opinion they will give it to you. Some cultures teach younger people to keep quiet … Continue reading

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Business fads gone amok

Business fads come and go. Driven by consultants and academics looking to sell the latest “it” thing I suspect. MBO, Re-engineering, 6-Sigma are just a few that come to mind. However, Kevan Hall, posits another one, with which I agree; … Continue reading

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