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Sacrificing effectiveness in the name of efficiency

In all downturns companies look for ways to become more efficient. Truth be told, they should always look for ways to become more efficient by removing waste from the process. However, just because you can spend less money doing it, … Continue reading

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Spending time with customers

Many readers know I am a BIG fan of encouraging CEOs to spend a bunch of their time out with customers. (I recommend 20-25%). While I cannot yet prove this improves the performance of your company (Bob Johnson and I are … Continue reading

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More waste … wow

Last week I talked about the need to remove waste from your processes to stay competitive. I briefly mentioned the flawed, post-process inspection the government was proposing for healthcare process improvement. A recent article in Business Week presents even more evidence of … Continue reading

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Removing waste

Political alert. This post does have a bit of a political bent, but that is not its focus. As followers know, we are focused on process improvement in marketing and sales. Removing waste is a HUGE opportunity in most white-collar processes. What … Continue reading

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Following up

We continue to be impressed with Hyundai and their innovations in products and marketing. In a post a couple of years ago (you remember when the world was coming to an end), we talked about Hyundai’s innovative programs to help people … Continue reading

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Resurrecting old brands

Brands live longer in the minds of customers than people think. Further, assuming the brand had a positive impact at one time, that is what is usually remembered. This fact has caused astute business people to buy old brands and … Continue reading

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Is Benetton irrelevant? Wasn’t that long ago they were making headlines with their controversial ads and trend setting clothing. Today their once target market now says they are really for “an older generation.” But that older generation doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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It’s simple if you think about it

Several years ago I read about two candy stores that were across the street from each other. Both sold pretty much the same things and most of their sales were bulk candy to kids. The kids referred to one of … Continue reading

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Don’t You Just Hate It When That Happens?

Take a look at the cover of this latest Business Week magazine. What’s wrong? If you’re Johnson and Johnson, it’s not really the way you want to make the cover of the magazine, but that’s pretty obvious. And not where … Continue reading

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