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What do CEOs want?

Business Week online posted an article on May 18 purporting to discuss “what CEOs want.” The article was written by Frank Kern a Sr. VP for IBM Global Services reporting on a study done by IBM. Remembering my recent post … Continue reading

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That’s why there are early adopters

I was driving in downtown Palo Alto last week early in the morning and saw the line of people outside the Apple Store going around the block looking to get an iPhone 4. Classic behavior of early adopters. Even though Apple … Continue reading

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Why didn’t I think of that?

I have traveled as part of my job for most of my career. While I did make it to most of my kids’ major activities, my wife always joked that she put a picture of me in the entry hall … Continue reading

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Why new products fail

A.C. Nielson, for who knows what reason, apparently recently completed a “study” of 30 packaged-goods marketers and found a possible correlation between new product success rates and management. In an industry with a documented new-product failure rate of between 60% … Continue reading

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It may not even be efficient and certainly not effective

More companies today are trying to push their customer service interaction to the web. LinkedIn states on their site that they do not accept calls. If you want to communicate with them, you must do so via customer service on … Continue reading

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Industry experts are boring?

My friend and fellow professional speaker, Scott McKain, sent me an email that included the following interesting commentary: ” Just home from a major meeting…I asked the meeting professional to name the speakers they booked for the past couple of years, and she … Continue reading

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Were you not paying attention or did you just miss it?

Brands and branding are all the rage … still. A fundamental tenant of brand building is consistency. However, a critically important foundation is to capitalize on what people already believe if you can, rather than to try to change their minds. So … Continue reading

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Maybe he forgot, maybe he never knew how

Bob Dudley, the U.S. Managing Director for BP, made his FIRST visit to the Gulf Coast yesterday. He was stunned at what he saw. Ya think!! How could the Managing Director of BP not visit this site for close to … Continue reading

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If you can’t fix it, feature it…

Roy Fields, a former VP for Teledyne, Inc. uttered those words to me many years ago. I have never forgotten them. And for a finance guy (which Roy was), pretty great marketing advice. Something KFC needs to think about. In … Continue reading

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