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Sales People Want New Products to Sell and Other Myths

In my experience if you ask sales people what they need to increase their sales they answer with one (or more) of these three items: 1. Lower prices 2. More leads (or floor traffic or its equivalent) 3. New products … Continue reading

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Value is always the name of the game

The San Jose Mercury News ran an article today on opening a business during a recession. The writer did a good job of profiling various businesses, especially retail businesses, that open during a recession and the thinking behind how and why … Continue reading

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Proof … and not just from me!

In my book, The Secret To Selling More, I stress the importance of knowing what customers can buy from your company they can’t buy elsewhere (or at least don’t think they can). I use examples of cars versus driving machines, … Continue reading

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Kicking butt in the downturn

W.W. Grainger Inc. last Wednesday reported an 18% drop in second-quarter profit but said it was able to carve out market-share gains even as the economy is showing no signs of a rebound. Apple® announced financial results for its fiscal 2009 third … Continue reading

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Starbucks and customer service ratings

My local Starbucks posted their customer service ratings. The scores indicate that they need to process people a bit quicker and clean the store up a bit. I agree. Overall their scores were in the 50s-80s. I notice similar scores … Continue reading

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Jobs leaving California

Off on a short tangent today, just because I can’t stand it. Novellus, a leading semiconductor equipment company, announced that it was moving jobs out of California due to “… costs in California [being] historically higher.” In addition, the CEO … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Value Acceleration (Part 5)

When Ralph and I published our book Value Acceleration, we were asked for ideas on the steps to take to get Value Acceleration for your company. We came up with seven. We will post them here over the next several of … Continue reading

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11 Secrets to Marketing in a Down Economy (Part 9)

A year ago we published a paper on marketing in a down economy. We identified 11 key tactics. I have been sharing them in this blog over the past several weeks, but if you want them all at once you can download the paper … Continue reading

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Getting even by getting attention

Many years ago in some of my speeches I told a story about a flight from JFK to Boston (the Pan Am Shuttle) that had landed in Hartford due to weather in Boston and been delayed four hours. The passengers … Continue reading

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Metrics, Accountability and other Drugs

Demanding accountability from Marketing has been the focus in many companies for a few years now. Metrics and dashboards have been the primary action taken by Marketing to respond to this pressure. (What better way to convince people you are … Continue reading

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