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Process innovation vs Product innovation

Much of what is written about innovation focuses on product innovations, especially in the high technology world. While these innovations are often significant, it must be recognized that often a breakthrough or significant product innovation cannot succeed without a process … Continue reading

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The City of San Jose has brand envy and wants to co-brand. The problem is that the co-branding would only benefit San Jose, while diluting the message. San Jose is in the heart of Silicon Valley. It is the self-proclaimed … Continue reading

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Apple stumbles?

The press is beginning to question Apple’s future. They wonder about Apple’s next big thing. They are asking the wrong questions. I posted shortly after Steve Job’s death what Apple’s challenge was going to be. I see no evidence to … Continue reading

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What Lance Armstrong really did (as pertains to business)

With all the news today coming out about Lance Armstrong, I am reminded about his other achievement.  That is, not the races he won (many of those titles will probably be stripped now), but the way he established his fame … Continue reading

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Is MBO dead? Or just the most useful management tool?

Management-by-Objectives (MBO).  All the trendy people say it’s old-hat, fuddy-duddy, a decades-old fad, and just downright useless.  Deming even said it was dangerous. Deming said a lot of really smart things, but he was a human, too.  And one with … Continue reading

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Brands are mind triggers

A well-known and positioned brand is a short-hand mind-trigger that is tremendously valuable. Is there any wonder that the Kodak brand has been licensed for digital cameras? While Kodak, the company, may have been unable to leverage the brand into … Continue reading

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I have been a fan of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s work on persuasion since Dr. David Palmer first introduced me to it many years ago. My friend Allen Hauge recently tipped me off to this first-rate, short video that explains Dr. … Continue reading

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Maybe we’re just Marketing snobs?

Advertising Age ran an article about the “expanding role” of the CMO. As you might expect, this article got my attention. Unfortunately, I was again stunned by what CMOs must have thought their jobs were before because the article’s definition … Continue reading

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Yes, consultants are useful!

My 2012 home improvement project was a kitchen remodeling.  Having grown up in the construction trades I could have done it all myself, but knowing that I lack patience, and that this project involved a lot of finicky finish work, … Continue reading

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