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Focus and Say Cheese

As I have started almost all the posts in this series on focus, … focus matters. Pursuing top line growth to impress Wall Street usually¬† fails as the top line grows (if it does), while the bottom shrinks, or at … Continue reading

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Thank Goodness McDonald’s Wasn’t Like JC Penney

I have previously noted how JC Penney hired Ron Johnson to create a growth strategy for the company. He implemented a new strategy, and as anyone would likely realize, sales went down. Why, as I wrote in the prior post, … Continue reading

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Perception Is Everything

United Airlines announced Economy Basic fares last week. What an utter disaster it’s been. The perception of most people appears to be that United is taking away even more services from the beleaguered coach traveler. Scrooge. The truth is far … Continue reading

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A Modern Version of the Mafia Protection Racket

I had heard from people that Yelp’s reviews could be bought, which disappointed me greatly. I have come to believe, based on conversations with merchants, that it is materially worse than that. Yelp appears, in my opinion, to be holding … Continue reading

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Differentiation Or Same As Everyone Else

I snapped this ad in the San Jose Airport. My thoughts were what tax advisory firm is going to lead with “you don’t matter to us”? How does this ad differentiate this firm in any possible way? What is its … Continue reading

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Is It A Problem Or…

I heard a great thought from my friend Ted Steinberg the other day. He was talking with a CEO, and after listening to him for a while, Ted said, “You seem to have a tendency to look at opportunities as … Continue reading

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Business Model Innovation

Innovating your business model can bring greater rewards than many other innovations. Consider as a simple example. Bookstore business model innovation that has continued to morph. A recent article in Chief Executive suggests that mid-market companies need to reconsider … Continue reading

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