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Showrooming Update

Back in October I posted about Best Buy’s strategy to turn show-rooming to its advantage. Time for an update. While it is too soon to tell how it actually worked because revenue numbers won’t be reported for a while, according … Continue reading

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Language Matters and Other Matters

The medical clinic we use, which is quite large, has been on an alleged customer-centric focus for several years. The employees are supposedly measured on customer satisfaction, though they have no idea how it is measured or really how they … Continue reading

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Maybe This Explains Why Management Fads Gain Traction

I have often wondered why management fads seem to gain so much traction despite the evidence, over decades, that they rarely ever work or help. Then I ran across this quote from Peter Drucker, which answered the question. “Thinking is … Continue reading

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Your People Are Not Usually The Real Problem

Most companies when faced with a need to grow revenue ultimately end up deciding to change people. They may change certain sales people, or they may try to hire a superstar from another company, or they may just change the … Continue reading

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A Relook at Marketing Myopia

Al Ries recently wrote an outstanding article for Advertising Age where he re-looks at Ted Levitt’s classic article from the Harvard Business Review, “Marketing Myopia.” Just read his article. Mitch

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Why Did This Take 80 Years?

Prohibition in the US ended 80 years ago today. I didn’t know that and I have never met anyone who did. It’s also my wife’s birthday, and she didn’t know it either. However, she now has another reason to have … Continue reading

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Does It Matter If The Playing Field Is Level?

This ad triggered a memory of something I had seen in Fast Company back in 1998. We even wrote a brief article about the concept of the level playing field in our company newsletter back then. In the February/March 1998 … Continue reading

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