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A Point In Every Direction Is The Same As No Point At All

The headline for this post is the famous line from the Pointless Man in Harry Nilsson‘s classic made-for-TV movie, The Point, circa 1972. Many brands forget this warning in their attempt to stand for everything they can imagine some customer … Continue reading

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It’s About Optimizing Outcomes Not Touchpoints

The Harvard Business Review often publishes insightful, leading edge articles, but over the last few years they have published a few articles suggesting a complete lack of understanding of process, or a belief their readers know little. The latest example … Continue reading

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Suddenly Chief Marketing Officer is Not the Right Title

A recent article in Advertising Age, “Don’t Call Me CMO: Top Marketers Say Job Has Evolved Beyond Title” reflects the sad state of the profession. The topic of the job title came up at a recent ANA conference. Comments included … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name? Maybe everything.

Consider the Vegas Strip Steak. Cows have been cut up and sold as meat for a very long time. Some parts of the cow are more valuable than others. Steaks vs shoulder, vs rump, vs ground beef as simple examples. … Continue reading

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Breakthrough Innovations Come from Changing the Standard

Bike helmets are ugly and compliance is difficult because of that, at least. Most people don’t think they’ll need one, until they do, which is too late. Attempts to make them “cool” have created streamlined, aerodynamic designs and wild color … Continue reading

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Will They Exist After the Holiday Season?

I have not posted about J.C. Penny in a while, and thought I should as I believe their time is coming to an end. I won’t rehash my earlier posts here, you can search them easily within this blog. Suffice … Continue reading

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?

Most people know the answer to that age-old question is “one slice/piece/bite at a time.” How do you attack an intrenched, big competitor? Same way. In the 1960s Crest became the defacto cavity fighting toothpaste due to their unique acquisition … Continue reading

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