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Sales Prevention, Or At Least Impediment

Last week I posted an example of brick and mortar suicide. Today’s example is a brick and mortar store (Target) but it is really Recently a friend of the family had her first child. We wanted to get her … Continue reading

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Digital Marketing Failure

It’s my opinion that many marketers who focus on digital marketing stop thinking. They become enamored with the automated nature of the process, and the fact that it’s “free,” and therefore don’t think, as they should. Here is recent example. … Continue reading

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The Airbnb/Uber Model Comes to Beer … Kinda

A newish company, Tavour, in Seattle has created a service to offer unique, hard to find, not well-known, new to the market, etc. craft beers to people who do care, or should care. They search out unique beers they feel … Continue reading

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What Is The Customer Really Using Social Media To Accomplish?

My colleague Mark Sprague found interesting research from IBM demonstrating the disconnect between what companies wish their customers/consumers were using social media for and what they are actually using it for. Perhaps if we gain a better understanding of customer/consumer behavior, … Continue reading

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Where’s There’s Smoke, Maybe That’s All There Is

Dollar Shave Club was an Internet sensation last year with their clearly clever, viral videos. They also have a pretty big pot of venture capital funds behind them; but how are they doing? Not so well it turns out. And … Continue reading

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Forget page views…

in fact, forget about a lot of what you now measure. I was recently talking to the chief editor of one of the leading portals for an industry.  He said that his management was concerned that their page views were … Continue reading

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Preaching to the choir won’t increase loyalty … or converts

Two recently released studies, unless ignored, may put a dent in many marketers’ plans for an easy media solution. Turns out Facebook ‘likes’ don’t mean much. And Facebook may not be anymore helpful than mass media. A study by the Ehrenberg-Bass … Continue reading

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Since ink is free they just won’t go away

I posted twice last year about QR codes. My point was and is that they are fascinating to marketers, and another tactic they can use to raise the flag. But to what end? In yet another article which makes my point … Continue reading

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QR Codes for better or worse

Back in June I wrote about QR codes and asked if they would die because of how they are being used. A recent article, “No, QR Codes Aren’t Dead. They’re Just Used Badly” discussed the same issue. The author notes that … Continue reading

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Excellent use of YouTube

Many people think of YouTube as a source for viral videos. But when a video by grandparents they did not even know they were creating while trying to set up a webcam, can get 8 million hits, viral may be in … Continue reading

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