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Toyota vs Audi and unintended acceleration

Toyota has taken the unprecedented¬†step of shutting down production of eight of their automobile manufacturing lines until they can figure out what is causing the unintended acceleration of their vehicles. This “automatic acceleration option” is similar to the problem Audi … Continue reading

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Is this an effective ad?

Everybody has an opinion about ads, which is why Marketing people get so much “help” with deciding how to advertise products and services. The ad in question is interesting for a lot of reasons: It is entertaining It is provocative … Continue reading

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The Google phone … a bridge too far?

The culture of your company affects everything you do. Google is a great company (whether they are getting too big for themselves is another conversation). However, their business model does not include talking with individual customers. They “talk” via the … Continue reading

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How to fight low priced competitors

We all face low-priced competitors. Some of them are good and have driven costs that don’t add value out of the process, which forces all suppliers to get better. However, many of them are just hoping they can get some … Continue reading

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It’s there if you pay attention

Most politicians and too many business people fail to see what the market is telling them. I have not been in the Washington Dulles Airport for about nine months. Last time I was there the kiosks were overflowing with Obama … Continue reading

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The dichotomy of the airlines

Maybe it’s schizoprhenia, who knows. I was getting ready to leave to go to the airport to catch my American Airlines flight to St. Louis when I get a call from a live person telling me the flight has been … Continue reading

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Some companies are small for a reason

Patti Ghezzi, writing for Mother Nature¬†Network, had an article on “Buying locally is easier said than done.” In this article she was bemoaning the fact that her New Year’s resolution to support her local merchants was proving very difficult to … Continue reading

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A primer on why customer service is so bad

Based on my “I’m sorry” post several people have asked why customer service is outsourced to India and is so bad. To be fair, the two are not related due to anything inherently inferior about the capabilities of Indian people. … Continue reading

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Is Buick focused or confused?

To be fair, Buick is in transition as a retained brand for the “new” General Motors, but… I was hanging around the Buick dealer today because it used to be a Pontiac, Buick, GMC dealer (well actually it also had … Continue reading

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And again about the power from focus

I’ve posted a bunch on the power companies get from focusing. (You can search the site and see what I have had to say on this topic.) I ran across another example in the December 7, 2009 issue of Business … Continue reading

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