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How many more messages do they need?

Occasionally I vent about my home state and today is one of those days. The Government of the State of California is anti-business (except for taxing them) and can’t understand when companies choose not to expand to the State to … Continue reading

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Personal branding and the limitations of a brand

I walked the sea wall at Stanley Park in Vancouver, BC yesterday. One of the most famous urban parks in North America. Very different from Central Park in NY or Forest Park in St. Louis. I learned that Stanly Park … Continue reading

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Brand preference … in stark reality

I was struck yesterday on the brand preference of Starbucks. I know there is one on every corner (except in New England where it is Dunkin Donuts on every corner). However, I was wandering around Whistler Village yesterday afternoon. It … Continue reading

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Meeting expectations

Your have probably read about the delays in processing the checks back to the auto dealers in the cash for clunkers program. The dealers pay out the rebate money to the consumer when the consumer buys the new car under … Continue reading

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Choosing … it’s such a problem

I read a blog post today by Mary Hunt. It starts as follows: “Nearly all the marketers I have spoken to lately have told me the same thing: after the headcount reductions in their firms, they don’t have enough people on … Continue reading

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Culture vs. Strategy

It was reported last Friday that Republic Airways had “won” the right to buy Frontier Airlines despite a lower bid than Southwest Airlines submitted. Both companies have valid strategic reasons to buy Frontier, and Southwest’s larger size allowed them to … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Value Acceleration (Part 6)

When Ralph and I published our book Value Acceleration, we were asked for ideas on the steps to take to get Value Acceleration for your company. We came up with seven. We will post them here over the next several of … Continue reading

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