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Innovation with REALLY mature products

My wife bought a headband recently — you know, those things that women wear over the tops of their heads to keep hair out of their eyes.  They’ve been made for God knows how long.   You’d think it’d be hard … Continue reading

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If you tweet does it matter?

The debate about the value of businesses using Twitter continues. Opinions abound. Facts are in short supply. Queries from freelance writers looking for people who have “made money” from Twitter appear almost daily. I’m sure some people have. That’s not … Continue reading

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Gulf Oil Spill Solutions

As the clean up of the oil spill in the Gulf appears to be moving towards completion (and we us that word loosely), we were pleased to learn that one of our clients, Turner Designs, played an important role in … Continue reading

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BP’s culture

Last week one of our Principals, Bayard Bookman, blogged about BP’s culture being the root cause of many of their current problems. Now that they have made news by changing CEOs, Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass is quoted by AP as telling the CBS … Continue reading

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About that Staples Warranty

Well, I finally RTFM (or brochure – I have an excuse: I’m a guy; we don’t RFMs) and it turns out that you get your Warranty purchase price back, not in real (that is cash) money, but in a Staples … Continue reading

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No wonder Marketing gets no respect

I ran across an article on “Navigating the Marketing Measurement Maze” from The Journal of Integrated Marketing Communications and, while it is a journal focused on marketing communications, it nevertheless got my attention because of the authors’ apparent lack of … Continue reading

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It’s the little things

It doesn’t take a lot to make a BIG impression in today’s mediocre service world. (Maybe that’s better than in the 1980s when Tom Peters said you could stand out in the crowd if you could raise your service to … Continue reading

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