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Using Process Management to Effectively Deal with Customer Complaints

Customer complaints are a gift. Complaining to you, rather than about you can help you get better without the loss of customers. Amazon has a famous and effective process for making this happen. Mitch

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Make Doing the Wrong Thing Hard … Fundamentals

To help prevent errors, a construct translated as “make doing the wrong thing hard” has been around informally for many decades. It was formalized as part of the Toyota Production System by Shigeo Shingo and called poka-yoke in Japanese. This … Continue reading

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Rearranging the Deck Chairs on the Titanic

When companies get in trouble, often times their knee-jerk reaction is to reorganize. Public companies will do that in hope their shareholders think they are taking action. Others do it because they have the usually mistaken belief that changing people … Continue reading

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Control Charts: One of Ishikawa’s 7 Tools of Quality

Our focus is on helping you improve the revenue side of your business, and also the bottom line, by using proven process management methods in Marketing and Sales. Ishikawa developed seven tools he felt would improve results. We look at … Continue reading

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The Demise of a Great Brand

It is sad to see the demise of a once great brand. It is even sadder when the demise is self-inflicted. And, as is often the case, this time it was caused by a focus on cost not the value … Continue reading

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Real World Example of Customer Experience Differences

There is a fantastic example of customer experience differences being demonstrated during this pandemic. As more people can get vaccinated and more locations open to provide them, we see a stark difference between the customer experience by location, even though … Continue reading

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Brick & Mortar Suicide Continues…despite Covid -19

I have written on several occasions over the last few years about how brick and mortar retailers are doing more to destroy themselves than the e-tailers they blame. (Do a search on suicide and you will find them.) I haven’t … Continue reading

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Adapting to Change

For the last year+ companies have had to deal with the changes brought on by the pandemic. Much has been written about being adaptive, agile, flexible, customer-focused, etc. While some businesses have had no ability to adapt because governments effectively … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2021: The Ads

As has been my tradition for most of the time this blog has been around, I will comment on this year’s Super Bowl ads. As a reminder, my perspective is that these ads should be a “big deal.” At $5M … Continue reading

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The Secret to Selling More

The secret to selling more isn’t where you’ve been looking—if it was, you’ve have found it already!             But where is it?  To answer that question, let’s go back in time.  Long, long ago…in the 50s…when manufacturing was King, management … Continue reading

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