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What Does Most Admired Really Mean?

There are any number of “most admired” lists published each year. Some are bogus, others seem to be legit. However, what do they tell us? Perhaps that even professionals who “vote” in such polls can be easily fooled. Three recent … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2013 Ad Commentary and Car Ads

As I say each year prior to these comments, I believe effective ads should lead to action. I realize that some disagree with me, and it is reasonable for Super Bowl ads to evoke other valuable emotions on the part … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 1st Half Ads Commentary

Not being a Madonna fan, I thought I would post my first half advertising commentary during half-time. In no particular order: 1. My favorite ad was the Budweiser Prohibition ad. Well executed, on message and ties back to their traditional … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 2011 2nd Quarter Ad Review

The second quarter was not memorable for ads with a couple of exceptions. My favorite was the Motorola Xoom ad that smacked Apple in its 1984 face. And that makes no difference until we see how the product does. Dumb … Continue reading

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If you make it fun … they will come

Theme restaurants, shoppertainment and other marketing ideas have been around for a while and some deployments have done well consistently. Others, sometimes not. The question is … if you make it fun will they come? We intuitively have thought so. Now, … Continue reading

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