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Lack of Marketing is killing the Blackberry and more marketing won’t fix it

Pundits are discussing the future of Research in Motion (RIM) and its once ubiquitous Blackberry. In 2009 the Blackberry had 44% market share (including me as a user). Today their market share has dropped to less than 10% including the … Continue reading

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What happened at GE? And could it happen to you?

In the 1952 GE annual report, GE defined marketing as an omnibus concept and stated  “The marketing department will establish for the engineer, the designer, and the manufacturing man what the consumer wants in a given product, what price he is … Continue reading

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Offline Marketing Accountability is here at last

While it doesn’t fix everything, and who’d believe it if it claimed to, I am impressed with Euclid Elements and their ability to report real-time and aggregated in-store and near store behaviors for retailers. Retailers rely upon gut feel and guesswork … Continue reading

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Forget Foursquare and other location based marketing

While location-based marketing has its advantages, there are some much easier things retailers can do. A great example comes from my friend Laurie Coleman who posted this on her Facebook page today. Note to grocery store managers (or pass this … Continue reading

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Are you so good they don’t Tweet about you?

Gen X and Gen Y generally believe they can effectively multi-task. While this is provable false, it does not stop them from doing it anyway. The multi-screen, multi-tasking phenomenon is an example: Surfing the net, while listening to your playlist … Continue reading

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Email or direct mail, which is better?

Many people have abandoned direct mail for what they perceive is more effective methods such as email marketing. While I will grant you that email marketing is much less expensive than is direct mail marketing, it may not be more effective. (And … Continue reading

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The role of the CMO

Experts have opined for some time that for CMOs to be taken seriously they are going to have to understand data. A recent article in Advertising Age, “When CMOs Learn to Love Data, They’ll Be VIPs in the C-Suite,” discusses … Continue reading

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2012 Super Bowl 2nd Half Ad commentary

I am not commenting on the Chrysler ad with Clint Eastwood because I did not see it. It was at half-time. And it has become a political football anyway. There were six ads that stuck out for me in the 2nd … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 1st Half Ads Commentary

Not being a Madonna fan, I thought I would post my first half advertising commentary during half-time. In no particular order: 1. My favorite ad was the Budweiser Prohibition ad. Well executed, on message and ties back to their traditional … Continue reading

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Are you in a viciously competitive business? Boy, am I glad!

This is my first inspirational post – fair warning! I have recently spent way too much  time noodling around the world of economy pens and pencils, and the blogs that are devoted to them.  You know, the pens and pencils … Continue reading

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