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Overcoming obstacles in this economy

As we noted in a January post, Hyundai USA created a program to overcome new car sales resistance, which they perceived was caused by fear of the customer losing their job. The Hyundai Assurance program worked well for them and … Continue reading

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Metrics: Gaining alignment on what matters

I was reminded again that what gets measured gets managed and if you don’t have metrics alignment within your team, you can end up at cross purposes. In the airline industry, gate agents are measured against on-time performance. I am … Continue reading

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Value priced

My wife’s hair stylist informed her that she was RAISING her prices about 9%. Is my wife going to find another hair stylist? No. Is she going to get her hair cut less often? No. Is she mad about the … Continue reading

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11 Secrets to Marketing in a Down Economy (Part 7)

A year ago we published a paper on marketing in a down economy. We identified 11 key tactics. I am sharing them in this blog over the next few weeks, but if you want them all at once you can … Continue reading

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A sales guy who gets it

In our office park, we are visited almost daily by cold calling sales people who stop in to see if we might be in the market for whatever they are offering. We usually are not, but they are overly persistent and … Continue reading

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Seven Steps To Value Acceleration (Part 3)

When Ralph and I published our book Value Acceleration, we were asked for ideas on the steps to take to get Value Acceleration for your company. We came up with seven. We will post them here over the next several of … Continue reading

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Still wondering what’s going on with the car dealers

As I have posted a few times in the last few weeks, I do not understand the logic behind reducing dealers and saving the car companies. I understand why the manufacturers might want to reduce the number of dealers, but … Continue reading

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