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What Is Marketing Anyway?

Classic question, usually answered with a focus on the back-end of Marketing, namely promotion, advertising, brand awareness, etc. Even Al Ries, who I admire a lot, fell victim to this thinking in a recent article. He says CEOs value innovation … Continue reading

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Is Radio Shack The Next Oldsmobile?

In a failed effort to save the Oldsmobile brand, General Motors concocted the meaningless campaign, “Not Your Father’s Oldsmobile.” Their thinking, apparently, was to try to reposition Oldsmobile from something people considered “stodgy” (ie, like your “old man”), into…  Well … Continue reading

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Shame on Frito-Lay: Super Bowl Ad Fail

Despite the damage it may cause, Frito Lay ran the Cowboy Kid Doritos ad during the Super Bowl. While the ad itself is simulated and no dogs were harmed, it portrays an extremely dangerous practice of encouraging kids to ride … Continue reading

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Super Bowl 48 Commentary In One Word

Execution. Intentions are nice, you can apparently win a Nobel Prize for those, but not the Super Bowl. Strategy is handy, but without execution, it comes to naught at the highest level, when it really matters. A 5 time MVP, … Continue reading

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