2011 Super Bowl Ad Commentary #1

Not sure how many of these posts there will be, but a caveat on all of them. I view the ads as a consumer, not an ad critic. I believe the ad should have a point that is of interest to the consumer. I realize that the goals of these ads may not be clear to me as I was not in the meeting that decided to run them, with a set of objectives. Therefore, where it is not clear to me what the aim might be, I will speculate or criticize as the mood strikes me.

I’ll start with what was missing this year: Dalmatians and other heart string pulling ads from Budweiser. They ran an ad. Not sure what the point was and who would care. Seemed pretty silly to me, and at the time I did not know that was the Clydesdale ad for the whole game. No idea what they were thinking, but maybe it reflects new ownership. Quoting Neil Reckon, yet again, “Don’t know, can’t say, hard to tell.”

More tomorrow.


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