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Who knew? Doing good by your customers is sometimes a winning strategy!

One strategy is almost any industry is to provide really superior customer service.  There’s almost always some segment of the available market that isn’t terribly price-sensitive and values excellent service.  This strategy doesn’t need to preclude other, low-cost strategies, although … Continue reading

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A quick reminder about how not to make sales

I went to the post office the other day, and the line was so long that I left and planned to use FedEx or UPS instead.  The USPS seems to have a problem doing load balancing, a management technique that … Continue reading

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A competitive gap

Back in March I posted about the Postmaster General’s comments that the U.S. Post Office was going to consider everything in an effort to fix its revenue shortfall. The Post Office has not been a monopoly for a long time, and … Continue reading

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The resurrection of MySpace?

MySpace announced their awaited refocus yesterday. This refocus: no surprise, is back to their roots of Gen Y music-oriented people. Their new president, Michael Jones, is quoted as saying, “Over time, MySpace got very broad and lost its focus…” Ya think! … Continue reading

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The REAL Problem with sales

Leads??? The problem causing down sales now is poor leads?  I don’t think so.  I mean, nothing’s happened to cause the leads to get any poorer than anyone else’s over the last few years in most companies.  The problem causing … Continue reading

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The real problem with B2B sales?

I was reading Mark Gibson’s recent blog post, “Quality Trumps Quantity in B2B Marketing Lead Generation.” He cited a Marketing Sherpa study showing the #1 and #2 challenges reported by marketers were generating better quality leads and needing to create … Continue reading

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A credibility gap … or chasm

James is out for lunch, so I just answered our phone and was greeted by a meek and mild voice who told me his name and the company he was calling from,  and then asked me if he had called our company. … Continue reading

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