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It’s Still About Execution

Most CPG companies spend a fortune on branding. I wanted a Diet Dr. Pepper the other night and found these two machines at the place I was visiting. Which one do you think would have the Diet Dr. Pepper in … Continue reading

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Just When You Think They Can’t Make It Worse

I have criticized the Board of J.C. Penney for their decisions over the past few years. (Just search the archives). However, they continue to find ways to amaze me with their decision processes. Despite my predictions, the company is still … Continue reading

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It Seems So Simple … From The Outside In

Every process is perfectly constructed to produce the results it does. And I saw another example of this last Sunday and Monday. The airline industry touts their customer focus, despite most people’s experience to the contrary. Many people who work … Continue reading

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If You Lower The Bar It’s Easier to Look Good

I haven’t posted about J.C. Penney in several months, but their CEO has declared that they’re back, so I thought it might be time to chime in. I’ve had lots to say about J.C. Penney since their Board sought to … Continue reading

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New Baggage Policy is Amazing

Tuesday on my Delta Airlines flight from Atlanta to La Guardia I had a novel and amazing experience. I’m still┬ánot sure what’s going on, and when I queried the gate agent she simply said it was something they were “trying … Continue reading

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Tailoring To Meet Customer Needs

This picture, supposedly from Wegmans, is an excellent demonstration of tailoring a product to meet the customers’ needs with a simple service. Well done. Mitch  

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