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Using Sales to get Market Information

Accurate, real-time information about your customers, markets, competitors, and so on, is the sine qua non of everything that management does. Without it, you cannot make rational strategic product/market investment decisions, you can’t develop products/services that meet market demands, you … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Results Actually Count!

We read in the September 6 issue of Business Week that researchers form INSEAD and MIT have discovered that the “traditional” metrics of team performance—how well team members get along, communicate, team spirit, etc. —are actually not all that useful  … Continue reading

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Should you bother with customer retention?

For years experts (us included) have written about the value of customer retention. The idea is that retaining customers is more profitable than creating new ones and that profitable growth comes from keeping your existing customers while working to add … Continue reading

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Intentions Do Not Necessarily Lead To Actions

  Many marketers have been mislead by research that tries to understand what people will do in the future regarding purchase of a new product or service. I have read of studies that purport to show that people do not do … Continue reading

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