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Accidental innovation and encouragement

Louis Pasteur said that “chance favors the prepared mind.” To which I have always suggested that we go get prepared in case we might get lucky. I was talking to a high school friend this weekend who happens to have … Continue reading

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Radio interview on marketing process

This has been a busy week for radio interviews. I was interviewed for the second time on BlogTalk radio today. I spent a half-hour talking with Tom Cox on the CEO’s role in managing marketing and the use of process … Continue reading

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Trust: Earned vs. Promoted

There’s a credibility gap between most businesses and their customers. According to an Edelman survey done May- early July of this year, only 44% of Americans say they trusted business, which is down from 57% in late 2007. Companies are … Continue reading

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Radio interview on KCTE

I was interviewed today on KCTE Kansas City. You can listen to my interview (commercial free, I edited them out). Mitch

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Will Motorola Get it Right Again

Motorola used to be the king of cell phones. As recently as 2006 they had close to 20% market share worldwide. In 2009 that is expected to be around 5%. How did this happen? Skill and excellent management. Motorola lost … Continue reading

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Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Effectiveness is doing the right thing. Efficiency is doing things right. Being efficient without first being effective is waste. In other words, doing the wrong thing well is wasted effort. Most experienced business people know this, and often still forget … Continue reading

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I love it when Howard agrees with me

I was reading the article about Howard Shultz and Starbucks in the August 17th issue of Business Week (ok, I’m a little behind in my reading), and found two ideas that he shares with his team that I have been … Continue reading

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A great idea to increase sales and improve cash flow

I got a great idea recently from Abe WalkingBear Sanchez that he gave me permission to share with you. Companies sometimes offer credit customers a 2-10-N30 payment term. (i.e. the customer can take a 2% discount off the invoice amount … Continue reading

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Lessons Learned … or Not

In the April 6 2009 issue of Ad Age, Al┬áRies wrote an interesting article on the cost of damaging your brand for short term gain during a recession. His position, with which I agree is stated in the first sentence … Continue reading

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