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PR and buzz still beats advertising

Probably without question the most controversial ad of this year’s Super Bowl was the Focus on the Family sponsored ad featuring Tim Tebow’s mom. The ad got lots of press prior to its airing due to the allegedly controversial nature … Continue reading

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What’s better website hits or customers?

Go Daddy ran two Super Bowl ads this year to drive traffic to their website. I commented last week on the use of Danica Patrick in that campaign. Go Daddy does not release the traffic figures the ads generate, and … Continue reading

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Teen Hottie is so last week

Chase is running an ad on radio promoting their debit card monitoring business. In the ad a teenager is using her dad’s debit card and buys something at Teen Hottie. Her dad, alerted to the spend by Chase (a bit big … Continue reading

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Is it qualified to be a Super Bowl ad?

The Super Bowl pits the two best football teams of the past year against each other for the championship. This year’s match-up was well-played and the professionals showed why they belonged in the Super Bowl. For many years, Super Bowl … Continue reading

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Should you use a celebrity in your ad?

There is a lot of controversy around celebrity usage in ads. Are they credible? Do consumers really follow their advice? What happens if they have a highly publicized negative event? Opinions abound on all fronts, and if it were clear-cut, … Continue reading

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The most confusing ad of Super Bowl 2010

Without question, the Audi ad confused me, and apparently a lot of other people. The whole commercial focused on the environmental police. Now if you think environmentalist nuts are going to make that happen, then the whole focus of the car … Continue reading

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The oxymoron ad of the Superbowl

To be fair this Super Bowl ad was pretty well done. But Dove for Men? Are you kidding me? Dove has spent a fortune creating a brand focused on women. Now they want us to believe it is for men? This … Continue reading

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