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Find a need and fill it

That is the ubiquitous advice given to business people and marketers alike since the beginning of … well, marketing. appears to believe they have found a potential need, and have patented a way to fill it. On November 6 … Continue reading

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The “Best Practices” trap

A well recognized management maxim in today’s world is that each business activity should find “best practices” and seek to achieve at least that level of performance. While this might seem an obviously “good” idea, it may lead to several undesirable … Continue reading

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Choices have consequences

We all know that choices have consequences, and many times we don’t see the results, or can’t tie the results to the choices we make. Sometimes we can. Looking at two people who made different choices when in similar positions, … Continue reading

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Where to begin?

I just read a shocking article in Advertising Age. The shock was not the content of the article, it was that the article needed to be published … which it did. Unfortunately too many allegedly professional marketers are really professional communicators … Continue reading

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The dog metaphor again: why dogs are like enterprise processes.

Walking a friend’s German Shepherd today got me thinking about dogs, dog training, and how they are like enterprise processes. When we had a German Shepherd, I did extensive training with him.  His foundation was schutzhund, and later we did … Continue reading

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What can you learn in elementary school?

My friend and CEO coach in Wisconsin, John Howman, writes an interesting blog. He recently posted about an experience he had visiting St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee. Great read. Mitch

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Now is the time to hire

I ran into a friend today who had been a union carpenter for as long as I’ve known him.  Of course work has been scarce the last two years, and it finally got to the point that he took a … Continue reading

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The Sales Prevention Department

Many companies have one or more sales prevention departments. Some people consider the credit department a sales prevention department when they won’t issue acceptable credit terms to a prospective customer. My friend, Abe Walking Bear Sanchez has some thought-provoking ideas on … Continue reading

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Liberals, Conservatives, and the CEO’s Time

One of the most efficient ways I’ve found to keep up with the news and the issues is to peruse a couple times a day.  Memorandum is a blog aggregator that lists the main stories of the hour with … Continue reading

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Another sign of an improving economy

Prior to the late 2008 & 2009 Great Recession a pre-fab steel building company, General Steel, was a pervasive advertiser on radio and cable TV. During the Great Recession they were noticeably absent from the media. Today, for the first … Continue reading

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