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A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon It’s Real Money … Or Not

Yesterday Microsoft announced it was shutting down and writing off its $7.4B investment in Nokia. They just bought them last year. What strategy change was necessary, and unforeseeable just 12 months ago (give or take), that caused this $7.4B investment to … Continue reading

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Disruptive Innovation From Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced the biggest restructuring in their history (the metric is number of people laid off in this case). 18,000 people are going to lose their jobs as part of the Nokia merger. However, to me that was not … Continue reading

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More money than brains x2

Microsoft is buying Skype for $8B or more. Why? eBay bought Skype (well most of it) in 2005 for $3.1B and sold most of what it owned fo $2B in 2009 after losing money. Skype has lots of users who generated 95 … Continue reading

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From cool to drone

How do users of  the hottest, coolest, edgy trend become tomorrow’s drones? When does your product position move from one the “cool kids” use to ones the drones use? We’ve seen this happen in fashion and in technology products to … Continue reading

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The lesson of Microsoft for almost everyone

I recently ran across a young singer in Poland with my last name (actually Mroz is a fairly common name in Poland): Urszula Mroz.  What amazed me as I watched her YouTube video was that she was singing, for a … Continue reading

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Microsoft Sales Drop

Microsoft reported its first drop in sales since they went public. Blame is being placed on the recession. Perhaps. Or maybe the real culprit is Vista an operating system panned and avoided by a large number of people. As Yogi … Continue reading

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What’s with PC Sales?

The February 2nd issue of Business Week has an article entitled “Why the PC Market Is Suddenly So Weak.” They note that IDC reported that PC unit sales were down 0.4% in the 4th Quarter of 2008. Further they project … Continue reading

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Is Steve Ballmer delusional or just wrong?

Where am I coming from with this one you may ask? Or perhaps your answer is both. Anyway, this blog post is really about an interview with Steve Ballmer published in the San Jose Mercury on October 6th regarding Microsoft’s … Continue reading

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