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Now This Is A Great Ad

This is a great ad for at least the following reasons: Focused headline. They are obsessed, so if as a golfer you are too, you can relate. Uniqueness claim: “Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do. Period.” With the … Continue reading

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The Customer Is NOT Always Right

There is a relatively old expression that says “the customer is always right.” Everyone knows that’s not true, but the idea is to treat them as if they are right. I have suggested that the customer is usually wrong, but … Continue reading

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Brick and Mortar Suicide Finds New Ways to Continue

Almost every day we hear about more closures of brick and mortar stores. Abercrombie is closing a bunch of stores, and Macy’s announced the closing of hundreds of stores. While we aren’t Abercrombie’s target customer, my wife had been (the … Continue reading

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