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Just When You Begin To Think They Are Serious About Marketing Accountability

Holding Marketing accountable has been in vogue for about 10 years now. Many companies claim to be pushing for it. The C-Suite claims to demand it from their CMO, and then your read an article like this one, and you … Continue reading

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What Is Marketing? What Is A Strategic Plan?

I was interviewed recently on IMTSTV on these two subjects. My surprisingly short answers are in this video. Take a look. Mitch

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What Is The Customer Really Using Social Media To Accomplish?

My colleague Mark Sprague found¬†interesting research from IBM demonstrating the disconnect between what companies wish their customers/consumers were using social media for and what they are actually using it for. Perhaps if we gain a better understanding of customer/consumer behavior, … Continue reading

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Bigger Words = More Money

Most of us have probably heard the disparaging remark that lawyers are paid by the word. Turns out they are not the only ones. According to Stanford computational linguist, Dan Jurafsky, based on his analysis of restaurant menus, “The more … Continue reading

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Cross-Selling Works

I was sitting in a locally owned fast food restaurant earlier this month and had the occasion to watch the counter-person at work. As each¬†customer gave her their order, she would repeat it and then when they were finished, she … Continue reading

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